Provides information to the community about Fairmont Park.  This ministry can include television commercials, signs, print media, and various other sources.

Evangelism & Discipling

This ministry is designed to win the lost to faith in Christ and develop the saved to carry out the Great Commission.  The evangelism and discipling ministry utilizes personal (one-on-one) Bible studies, Bible correspondence courses and various other methods to achieve these goals.


The main purpose of this ministry is to direct the development and implementation of a comprehensive Christian education program.  This ministry oversees our Adult Bible classes, Sunday school classes for all ages, Vacation Bible School (V.B.S.), the teacher’s workroom, Leadership Training for Christ (L.T.C.), children’s ministries and the church nursery

Family Care

This ministry exists primarily to provide food for the sick, shut-ins or for a funeral.

FEAST Groups

The purpose of these groups, which meet in homes after the Sunday evening service, is to give every member a chance to know one another on a more intimate basis by having a Bible study in a small, informal group.  Each member will have the opportunity to share needs, pray, fellowship, and lend support to one another inside their F.E.A.S.T. group.  For more information, click here.


This ministry oversees the financial affairs of the church in a business-like way.


This ministry welcomes people and makes them feel comfortable at Sunday services.  They pass out bulletins, answer questions and point people in the right direction.  This ministry also oversees the information center located in the church foyer and carries out the mission of identifying, welcoming and registering visitors to our Bible classes and worship assemblies.


This ministry helps people discover their God-given passions and gifts and then connects them with an existing ministry in the church that they can get involved with.  Additionally this ministry works with new members, providing direction and information for any newcomers.


Our jail ministry teaches the gospel of Christ in our local county jails.  They use Bible studies inside the jails, as well as Bible correspondence courses to achieve their goal.

Building & Grounds  Maintenance

This ministry is responsible for watching over and taking care of any building related maintenance needs.  This ministry also includes the janitorial service oversight.  This ministry also recommends and implements the use and operation of all church-owned buildings, grounds, furnishings and equipment and includes acquisition, storage, and disposal of such resources.


This ministry oversees the mission work sponsored by Fairmont Park.  They stay in close communication with the missionaries we support.  They also coordinate funds and support for projects in Fairmont Park’s mission points and work to identify key mission opportunities and needs on local, national, and global levels.  For more information on the missions Fairmont supports, click here.


This ministry supervises and operates the computer network, video and sound system for the congregation.  This ministry also records and reproduces CD copies of Sunday morning and evening sermons.


Nurture, Encourage, Support, Together-A group of widows of all ages who provide encouragement and support among our members and other Christian widows.  These ladies meet meet every other Monday.

Office Center

This ministry provides communication to our members, guests, and the community.  It does so by maintaining a current membership roll and telephone directory and producing the weekly bulletin.  This ministry also coordinates the scheduling of activities, facility use and the church vehicles.

Public Worship

The worship ministry oversees all aspects of worship including song leading, communion, sound and video projection, and the general organization of the worship assembly.


This ministry is a Tuesday and Thursday mother’s-day-out program.  For more information, click here.


This ministry is designed to meet the needs of members generally age 55 or over.  The objective of this ministry is to encourage and pray for one another, promote fellowship, and keep each individual involved in the Lord’s work.  Click here for more information on all that these saints do.

B.I.G. F.I.S.H.  L.AM.B.S.

This ministry works with our young boys and girls ages 2nd-6th grades.


This ministry updates and maintains the church website.


This ministry is focused on helping the junior and senior high school students to mature into effective followers of Jesus Christ.  This ministry enables teens to transition from child-like faith to a mature, growing faith in Jesus Christ that impacts their school, family, and friends.  Click here for more information.

Perhaps serving the elderly is a passion of yours. We have two opportunities every week to serve some of the elderly citizens of our community.  All ages are welcome!